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PIP as an Employee

Finishing off my “PIP Trilogy” - I am discussing what it is like to be on a Performance Improvement Plan as an employee.

Well, what is it like to be on a PIP??


PIP as an Employee

The thing that depends on the most is your relationship with your manager and the plan they provide for you.

  • Amount of work in plan
  • Intention of plan
  • Your motivation to succeed

Amount of Work

The amount of work in the plan is a big one - you will be expected to take on this additional load while trying to deliver current expectations.

  • Will the plan require a whole new workload?
  • You can incorporate into your existing workload?
  • Something in-between?

This is a critical factor in determining your success through the PIP.


For a manager, there are different reasons to using a PIP and the intention of it really matters.

  • Is the plan trying to improve a result?
  • Change a behavior?
  • Both?

Human Resources will give guidance to the manager about what can be in a PIP, the final say will be with the manager.

When the intention is good - you will emerge through a PIP better person. When the intention is to manage you out - welp, it’s gonna be rough for you.

Your Motivation

The final factor in your success through a PIP is your own motivation to succeed through it. The PIP is only a short time frame (that’s extendible 😒) and if you want to succeed or not is purely up to you and your manager.

Know where your heart is and decide on what to do about the PIP.

Should I Share with Coworkers?

Honestly, this is a tough one from my experience. Sharing with coworkers that you’re on a PIP can:

  • improve your chances of success by getting help
  • signal to others why you “stop showing up” to work if you are unsuccessful

I would say only share that you’re on a PIP with coworkers that you are close with.


Being on a PIP sucks for everyone - and especially as an employee as the results are absolutes: stay or leave.

Different factors affect whether you’re closer to one or the other, such as:

  • your personal motivation to succeed in the PIP
  • the intention set by your manager for the PIP
  • the amount of additional work the PIP adds to your workload

If you’re in one - I’m really sorry and at the same time - everything will be just fine.

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