Red Green Repeat Adventures of a Spec Driven Junkie

Thought from Walking Alone in a City

This is an insight I had on my last vacation, where we stayed at one of the most urban metropolises in the world.

When I was walking alone in the city in the pre-dawn morning, I know there are people in the apartments all around me, I wonder: what is their story?

I lived in urban metropolises before, I also walked alone in the pre-dawn mornings while everyone was sleeping.

This insight felt different - I feel it maybe from living in such a rural environment where there is no one.

So I start to dream about everyone - what are they doing there? How do they fit in their apartments? How do they live?

It’s a different set of thoughts that I never had before - even when I lived in the same metropolis earlier in my life.

I am so glad I had such a variety of experiences in my life that I can revisit places I lived an have new insights.

I appreciate that the old can be new to me.