Red Green Repeat Adventures of a Spec Driven Junkie

Missing Commute: Alone Time

I love working remotely - I don’t miss the long commute to an office at all.

After working remotely, I do miss an aspect of the office commute: the wind down time of the commute.

The time I had during the commute was time I had alone. Just me, nobody else. No responsbility except move.

My commute was a walk, a commuter train, and a subway OR if the weather is nice enough, electric scooter ride.

That wind down time from home to office or office to home is essential, especially experiencing having zero wind down time (or sometimes negative wind down time.

Coming back to thinking about the ancient office commute - I wonder if this wind down time is part of our genetic code. Where we need to have alone time before embarking on a new challenge.

Looking back on the commute - it wasn’t all bad - I miss that time and now I have to find ways to carve out that time out when working remotely.