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Writing Styles: Pantsers & Plotters - Pantsing from the Start

After reading an article on writing, it made me reflect on my own writing style. You can find the first article here

When I switched my writing style to daily, I also switched to a “pantser” - where I would write whatever is on my mind when I start writing for the day.

In reality, even when plotting, I wrote whatever was on my mind - just on a longer time scale and even changing the plot at any moment right up to the deadline.

As I am intentionally writing by the seat of my pants from the beginning, I stick to the “plot” better - there might be a slight adjustment after writing a moment, but it stays with the original idea.

Hmmm - even as I write this, I see that I started one direction and this article diverged a bit, it’s still on topic: pantsing vs plotting results.