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The Importance of Your Mission

One of the most important lesson I learned from People Stack is the importance of mission.

Not just the “company mission” - it’s your own mission - in essence:

What are you living for??

Before the People Stack, I wanted to work for bigger and better companies in the tech sector, this meant companies like FaceBook/Meta, Google, Apple, basically - the FAANG companies.

Importance of Mission

My belief was: by working there, I would have a great résumé and get a job anywhere.

When I shared this with Rob from People Stack, he asked a killer question:

Then what?

The answer to this question is part of your true mission. Why work so hard? What are you slaving away for? What are you giving up your most precious resources, that’s time and energy, for?

Knowing your mission is a key differentiator - your mission will keep you going when life get tough.

If I learned one thing in life: life will get tough.

When life gets tough and you don’t have a mission, life will feel impossible.

With a mission, you have a North star to keep aiming for, no matter how crazy things are around you. You have hope, you keep yourself moving forward.

That’s one of the most important lesson for life: find your mission.

Finding your mission is easier said than done - if you need help, contact me.