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The Original 'Work from Home' Profession

Previously, I shared my thoughts on the “original office profession” - one that has to be in the “office”, which is hunting (think back in the day humans lived in caves).

Now I flip the question around:

What is the original “work from home” profession?

This would be a profession that is at home, an “office” environment cannot support parts of this profession. One that supports different aspects of being at “home”.

Like before, I extrapolated and took things to an extreme on a timescale.

My thought on what is the original work from home profession:

Farming is the original work from home profession

This profession requires one to be at home - because the production output is all around you: the land!

Families pitch in on the farm to help. There is almost a US National Holiday created for farming: Labor Day! This holiday is for children of farmers to return home from school to help with the harvest.

As we think, discuss, and debate what an “office” or “home” means, don’t forget these concepts have been with humans for a long, long time.

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