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The Original 'Office' Profession

With the return to office, work from home, “hybrid” debate going on after the COVID pandemic is easing, I ask myself:

What is the original office work?

I define office work here as the profession where one would have to go away from their home and one must work on site. No way for “remote” work to happen.

With these kinds of questions, I like to extrapolate out - go waaaay back in time, before factories, or even an office existed.

The original office work humans that they must go to the “office” is:


Yes - back in the day, where humans hunted their food, they would have to go where the food is: away from their home. If their food was at home back then, there would be a good chance the humans living there to be food!

Hence, it is in the best interest for humans to live away from their food and when needed, go and hunt their food.

Hunting, the original “office profession”.

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