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Shortcuts - Connect to Health

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Getting a Shortcut to receive numeric input and displaying again is essential to knowing input is flowing into the system and out again.

Let’s have the Shortcut flow information into another system, say the Health app on iPhone, so you can record your favorite health information such as: weight, body fat, body temperature, blood pressure, etc. from a Shortcut instead of manually entering health details in the Health app.

Connect to Health

We start with the Get Input app from previous article - get a numeric input in and display an alert:

Shortcut - Add Alert

Add a Health sample in by “Search for apps and actions”, and search for: “Log Health Sample”

Shortcut - Search Log Health

After adding the Log Health Sample, the Get Input Shortcut will look like:

Shortcut - Log Health

Update the Log Health Sample to have:

  • a Type - I selected “Weight” in the following screen.
  • a Value - I selected “Value” in the following screen, which will ask for input.
  • a Date - I selected “Current Date” in the following screen, which is the date you run the Shortcut.

Shortcut - Updated Log Health

Run and test out the Shortcut by pressing ▶️ button:

Shortcut - Test Log Health

Validate the Shortcut worked by checking All Data for that particular health entry. In my case, the weight data appears:

Shortcut - Validate Health Data

Notice, health entries created by Shortcuts have the Shortcuts icon than the Health icon. This means the Get Input Shortcut works!