Red Green Repeat Adventures of a Spec Driven Junkie

Blog: External - Presentations

This is a series I am writing about blogging. It’s a reflection of the journey I have taken and highlights along the way.

I will go through the following topics related to my blogging journey in their own articles:

Ready to Volunteer (to speak)

When our lunch and learn organizer ask for volunteers to speak, I raised my hand immediately.


There was a need and I could fulfill it, thanks to my blog.

By posting regularly to my blog, I am in the position to give a presentation on any topic from my blog as I have done more than half the work of creating a presentation: writing out the details.


From my posts, I create a presentation easily by:

  1. reviewing the topic in the post
  2. add any new content since the post
  3. edit for the audience
  4. create slides
  5. practice
  6. present

The preparation aspect still takes time. “Practice makes perfect”. Through the blog post, I have done the hardest part of creating a presentation: deciding what to say.

Creating Slides

Presenting is easier writing everything down you want to say. I have the depth, the details. Even creating the slides are easier because I just focus on the slides, not putting content onto the slides. I use the slides the support the content, not the other way around.

Pick; don’t think

Whenever anyone asks me for a presentation, I can look at my treasure chest of topics and just pick one instead of thinking of a “good one.”