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Elon Musk: Mission Above All

One thing that resonates with me even more after reading Walter Isaacson’s Elon Musk is the mantra:

Mission Above All

I believe knowing your mission is one of the most important thing you will do. You can see the mission driving Elon so much, not just him, everyone around Elon.

By having such a cosmic level mission - Elon needs a lot of people, and everyone that believes in the mission gives it their all.

This is why I totally understand the work style of everyone at Elon’s companies. It’s admirable to serve a little part in missions so great.

Without such grand missions, nobody would stick around, even for all the money in the world. Yet, there are accounts of people returning after burn-out and quitting - only because life without mission is scary.

For me, I wish I knew my mission earlier in my life, having a strong grasp of it would reduce the frustrations during the times I had when I was not on mission. (Those times were frustrating!)

If you want to achieve great things like Elon Musk, don’t wish to be Elon, wish to know the grandest version of your mission, and then achieve it.

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