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Lawn Mower - an Essential Tool

As I’m taking care of the yard for my home here - I have way more yard than I can handle with just a weed eater.

I decided to get my own lawn mower as another tool to help me with yard work.

Boy - what a helper the lawn mower has been!

Lawn Mowing vs Giant Grass

One big difference between me taking care of the yards for my parents’ places and taking care of the yard for my place:

I see the result of cutting the yard every time I look out the window.


I see the result of letting the yard grow out every time I look out the window.

Before, I would only use a weed eater because it was easy to transport and I’d just to the minimum amount to avoid complaints.

With my own yard, I’m always seeing the yard and how well it’s kept.

In Hawaii - whooo-whee, it’s a lot of work!

The lawn mower is such a game changer for flat areas because it’s basically a weed eater that’s got a large steel blade that’s only inches off the ground.

I let the yard grow out for over four weeks here and wow, the amount of effort it took to cut everything down with the lawn mower was YUGE.

Now I am in maintenance mode and mow it around every 3-4 weeks and a simple job. The weed eater is still around for areas the lawn mower can’t get to - which is a lot.

Weed eater and lawn mowers - essential tools in the Battle with the Yard™️.