Red Green Repeat Adventures of a Spec Driven Junkie

Full Circle of Life: Weed Eater

Life in Big Island is so different than what I lived before.

Except for one thing - weed eaters.

Fighting Weeds

When I grew up, my parents had rental properties and we had to manage the weeds on them. Properties were not maintained and the neighbors would complain and the solution would be me going out to the property and whacking everything down with a weed eater.

That’s the part of me growing up that I loathed.

I loathed so much that I always lived in a place where someone else managed the landscape. Weed eating is something I never missed doing after leaving home.

Until I moved to Big Island.

At our home in Big Island, it’s the first time I have enough land that I feel my family and I are comfortable.

Problem is - everything grows and grows fast!

I took up the role of managing the weeds here and ironically - I am outside with the weed eater chopping things down.

The thing I absolutely hated doing growing up is what I am doing now.

Life comes full circle - at least I got a better weed eater.