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Loving org-mode: Plain Text

I love org-mode because the file format is just:


Like it’s mind-blowing how much functionality org-mode can get from just using plain text.

This is also one of the core UNIX philosophies - Store data in flat text files.

Since org-mode uses just plain text with special markings in plain text, I can even have org-mode files in any application that can read or write with text.

With plain text, I can have org-mode files on any device, like a phone - using a file synchronization application such a DropBox or The file clients synchronize the files and I can use the clients on the phone to read or write the file.

With this, I can use my org-mode files anywhere file sync clients are available and the files are all in sync on all devices.

Conversely, as the files are plain text, I can use any encryption on the files directly to keep others from accessing the files. Once encrypted, I can only use clients that support the encryption format (and text editing.)

The final thing that is cool about org-mode using plain text: file sizes are SMALL! Like miniscule in today’s computing standard.

Binary application formats have locked me out of my data because the application stopped existing or the ones that still exist change business strategies or I changed platforms or new platforms emerge.

I am glad org-mode uses plain text. That has been a constant in my computing experience and expect plain text to continue to exist for the foreseeable future.

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