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Improving Developer Life - Requirements

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The resistance to creating a one step setup for a new application from my team shocked me.

From my perspective, I am giving a gift to the team: to make their on-boarding/resetting time for the application setup easier.

From their perspective, I am giving the team more work: stop coding on the application and automate the application setup - that is only ever done once.

I shared my perspective to the team - that application setup is never “just done once” the small investment now will pay off, especially when we don’t have to “debug local setup” anymore, we can just debug code - with tests!

At the time, I was thinking the automation solution would be Docker and the apprehension from the team is they did not have docker experience.

To ease this, I opened up the solutions to use anything: vagrant, puppet, chef, and/or shell scripts. I added experimentation time so the team can try out different solutions.

My main goal: have one step setup - that I kept as a hard requirement.

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