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Lean Coffee: Engineering Lunch & Learn Buy-in

The lean coffee format is a flexible format I liked to meet others - would I have the same success using this format for work meetings, like my staff meeting?

After reading how some companies’ meetings are all lean coffee format - this format must work on some level and worth trying.

I introduced this format in the company’s engineering lunch & learn meeting. I first asked trusted members outside of the organizing committee for their opinion of the format. Do you understand the explanation on the lean coffee website? Would it work with our group? Any reservations?

Instead of springing this format onto the whole group at once, I sought buy-in and different perspectives of trusted members. I didn’t want the first time doing a lean coffee meeting to blind side everyone.

By introducing to others, asking questions, I would have additional support from different perspectives when there would be confusion.

Next, I introduce lean coffee to my staff meeting.