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Hacking on at Spotify - Another Dimension

This is part of my experience when I attended the Spotify NYC hackathon, way back in the day.

Replicating a bug the team was hunting for felt great. This bug did take a majority of my hacking time - so I cut the implementation of my hack to just the bare minimum: connecting and Twilio APIs.

Getting the hack working is one thing - getting a great story around it was more important.

I focused on the party aspect - where anyone at a party can queue up music with a text of a song they want to listen.

Simple problem to solve - change the music at a party where you are not host.

Then I added another dimension: let the audience queue up music!

As I was stuck on a bug most of the hack - I had little time to test out this last addition. I hoped the and Twilio APIs would do the right thing.


I was about to find out as I stepped on stage…