Red Green Repeat Adventures of a Spec Driven Junkie

Problem Creep: Stopping and Fixing

Previously, I wrote about continuing current solution when solving the local development on-boarding is a problem.

The next solution to fix the problem is to:

Stop the team and fix the problem.

This is solution that should work. The reason I include should is:

  • As a leader, do you know the actual solution?
  • Can you get buy-in from the team to implement solution?
  • Can you get buy-in from teams dependent on your team’s result to adjust their delivery schedule?
  • Can you make up for the delayed result with this improvement?

It’s a pretty tall order when you consider these factors and if you can confidently answer “Yes” to all of these, go do it!

One caveat I must include: if your solution does not solve this problem 100%, your team will be back in this same position again in the future and you will have to answer those above questions again.

Time will be on your side as new solutions will appear as things change.

The problem the second time will be getting buy-in. If you did not deliver things perfectly the first time, getting buy-in the second time will be even harder than the first time.

Be careful in taking this approach!

Next, I will talk about slowly fixing the problem