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70-20-10 Model and Pairing

After learning about the 70-20-10 Learning Model and reflecting on my pairing article, I have to wonder:

According to the 70-20-10 model of learning, what level of learning does pairing together with team members fall under?

When I pair, I work on a problem of the team member’s choosing. The problem can be new, old, or anything they want.

Current thoughts on where pairing falls within this model:

  • The pairing session does not fall under the 10% part as there are no structured materials.
  • The pairing session may fall under the 20% part as there’s coaching involved if the team member chooses an old problem or asks for feedback on their work.
  • If we work on a new problem, the session would become part of the 70% learning style of the 70-20-10 model. Maybe not the whole 70% but the problem is new to both of us.

From this, I see that pairing together can represent at least 20% learning and maybe as much as 70% learning for the team member, depending on the situation.

Not bad for “just pairing”.

I’ll remember to throw in articles for the team member to read to get an extra 10%. :-)