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Nissan Rogue's Rear Shelving System

I got a Nissan Rogue 2020 last year. Switching from the BMW family cars (BMW 3-series, 1-series, MINI Cooper S Cabrio, finally Cooper Countryman) was a big shift to a larger SUV.

I’m still not a fan of the Continuous Variable Transmission - I get it, I haven’t adapted my driving style to it. :-/

One thing on the Nissan Rogue that has sold me, especially since I got a wagon for the kids is the rear shelving system, that Nissan terms: Divide-N-Hide Adjustable Floor.

What the Divide-N-Hide Adjustable Floor is and how it works:

source and more information

I never paid attention to the rear shelving system, I almost considered it an annoyance as we dropped Lego in the extra handle holes.

Only after getting the wagon, I get this on so different levels. ;-)

With a wagon, the rear shelving system helps answers these loading questions:

  • How to put items into the trunk from the wagon without crushing the items with the wagon on top?
  • How to get the wagon out from the trunk easily to reload the items into the wagon?

Without the rear shelving system - these questions would be difficult to answer without an intermediary step such as: loading everything to another spot, then load in the desired order.

Once we figured out to start using this, my son loves this feature so much, that he uses raised floor to get in and out of the car from the rear.

This kind of detail shows me that Nissan Rogue designers know their target market.

OR they willing to try things to differentiate themselves in this competitive market.

Either way, I am definitely looking for this feature in my next vehicle, especially if I still have the wagon.