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Wagon over Double Stroller

After our second child, we were contemplating whether to get a double stroller - a stroller that can carry two children at once, or a wagon.

A friend that has three kids said the double stroller is a must have when you have more than one child.

That same friend also said he got a wagon recently and loved it.

Instead of getting both a wagon and double stroller, we just went with the wagon. In particular - the Mac Sports XL from Costco

First, the pros:

  • The kids love it, especially when they are sitting in it in an amusement park. We added additional accessories for an umbrella for rain and/or to provide shade.
  • This wagon saves my back when coming back from Costco!

Next, cons:

  • Unlike other wagons designed for carrying children, this is basic. No seat belts, exposed metal (think of things kids can hit their head on when moving)
  • No brakes - this makes us conscious anytime we let go of the wagon. Is the wagon in a secure place? If the wagon rolls away, will we be OK? I don’t think a wagon this big will have enough safety features, even with brakes.

Overall, I love the wagon and the amount of fun I had with the kids in amusement parks more than paid for it.

At the same time, I’m glad I got this model and nothing too fancy. Using it takes extra space in the car and effort to take in/out. If I paid more, I would feel guilty for not using the wagon every chance I get for its intended use and/or every time I get a scratch on it.

If you are a parent with two or more kids that need a stroller, definitely get a wagon instead of a double stroller. The wagon is more useful than meets the eye.

Also, the compliments from other parents will make you feel like a super star parent.