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Benefits of Writing about Failures

I have found a new topic to write about: my failures. I will share benefits I have found from writing and also sharing the articles.

I discuss my experience from two failure articles and how they can be a tool to learn, connect, and bring closure.

You get to see how articles on failures are not the end of the world and they may help you too.

This article will take you about two minutes to read.

Vincent van Gogh - Corridor in the Asylum source and more information


A new topic I am writing this year that I would never have consider last year: write about my failures.

The motivation to write about my failures would be from this single post I read while following up a hacker news post a bit too far on the author’s site. (The Internet is not called the “web” for nothing! ;-) )

If you asked me to share my failures to everyone, I could not take you seriously and laugh. I would only ever talk about my failures with those involved or those that have gained my trust.

Yet, here I am writing an article about writing about my failures for anyone to see.

Talk about the power of one article!

Why Failures??

So far, I’ve written two failure articles:

Both took time, soul searching to write, and bravery to post.

At the same time, they have been rewarding to write and to use as a follow up with individuals involved with those situations.

The articles help create a deeper connection people involved. I feel a great weight is off my shoulder of avoiding discussion of these failures with anyone now.

Failures as a Tool

I have learned a thousand times more from my failures than from a thousand wins.

Failures are hard, they wear you down, they make you feel alone, they stay with you - until you can bring closure to them.

Writing about them is one way to bring closure.

So far, I have found writing about my failures have:

  • increased my learning of that situation another thousand times
  • allowed me to reconnect with those involved
  • most importantly to me, bring closure to the failure

At the same time, when you can get up from a failure, not only will you not let that same failure get you down again, you will be stronger from the experience of failure.


I find it incredible how a following a seemingly random Hacker News article a little too far inspired me to start writing about parts of my life I never want others to know about, while also improving that experience by:

  • bringing closure to that experience
  • reconnect with others that were part of the experience
  • increase my learning

If you have written about your failures, send me a link. I would love to read it.