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Writing Styles: Pantsers & Plotters - Plotting until Deadline

After reading an article on writing, it made me reflect on my own writing style. You can find the first article here

When I wrote weekly - I pushed hard to always publish an article once a week. I took the “publish or perish” approach.

This approach works well for me - especially to stop the “over plotting” rabbit hole I can fall into.

Another aspect to this “publish or perish” aspect I did not realize until now: if I ever missed a week, I would never catch up.

At the time, I would spend the whole week plotting, writing, editing, and repeat. How could I ever get two articles done in a week using the same process??

No matter what I did, when I have a weekly deadline, I would always fill the space with work. Researching, tuning, finessing, PLOTTING, etc.

When I intentionally pantsing from the start - my output is different.