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Common Comment Against GenAI

I am a big believer in using current artificial intelligence, Generative Artificial Intelligence, GenAI for anything. GenAI is such a game changer.

I also come along to others’ comments against GenAI - a great comment I saw:

The reality is that A.I. models can often prepare a decent first draft. But I find that when I use A.I., I have to spend almost as much time correcting and revising its output as it would have taken me to do the work myself.

from: Press Pause on the Silicon Valley Hype Machine

The key is in the details:

  • The first draft is usually 80% of the work! Getting something on a blank page is the toughest part.
  • The author’s background and usage of GenAI - in this case, the author is using GenAI in their field of expertise. I would say the first draft of a piece of work in your field of expertise will never rate as high as what you can do.
  • “Spending almost as much time… to do the work myself” - where else have I heard this line before? Oh - first time managers transitioning from an individual contributor!

The last line is comes up so often in any profession where there’s hierarchy of individual contributor and manager. In this case, I have to ask:

Who is the manager and who is the individual contributor?

I wonder if a lot of the amazement I see in GenAI is because almost any person can “manage” an individual contributor (i.e. the GenAI system).

Oh - maybe I’m dissolutioned and that not every individual contributor wants to become a manager…