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Human Resources - Neither Human or Resourceful

Disclaimer: I know people that work in Human Resources and they are great people. I like them a lot - this is commentary on the role of human resources in a company in general.

Human resources, or HR, is one of the functions in a company I consistently have bad experiences with. The experiences are so bad that I usually say:

Human Resource - Neither Human or Resourceful

Every request I made to them have not been pleasant, especially anything involving visas.

As a company function, I always wonder why HR function existed - they always seem to say NO to me and everyone else I met that interacted with them.

Interestingly, when I had pleasant experiences with them, it’s never in person - always through a letter, like a promotion (which I don’t attribute to HR, more of my boss at the time.)

Another observation - almost all of my interactions with HR has been earlier in my career, where I was fresh out of school and in a country that I was not fluent in the native language of. I had lots of questions.

Now that I think of it, I did have a great HR experience while I was looking for my first job.

I will say more on this topic of Human Resources in a future article. Today’s just one of those short blogging days.