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Improving Developer Life - Cutting-Edge

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As much as I would love the team to start working on the latest technologies for their brand new project - the manager part of me is hesitant on having the team on the cutting edge.

Being on the cutting edge is great:

  • Hiring new team members are easier: “we use the latest & greatest” (and current team members love it!)
  • Development momentum is in our favor - it’s where current collective mindshare is.
  • Everyone on the same journey of discovery - no one person on the team knows more than other.

Some downsides:

  • Cutting edge last year, tired tech this year.
  • Is the error us or the tech we’re adopting??
  • Team spends more time learning/discovering the tech than delivering business results.

I loved that the team went from: “Why can’t we use the old way?” to: “Let’s use the most cutting edge!”.

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