Red Green Repeat Adventures of a Spec Driven Junkie

Toastmasters Adventures: Seeing Other Spaces

This is a series on my adventures in a Toastmasters Club.

I am eternally grateful to JH in supporting the finding new club home project.

I swear we went to every bar or restaurant in the area and came up with nothing that felt “good”. Just more of the same, something I did not want to have for the club’s future.

I was so tired from going that I knew how the conversation would go: There’s no availability for our night or they want too much money to rent the location or the space is setup for other activities or we would have to share the space with other patrons or parking would be an issue.

After seeing these other spaces, part of me started to see how good the current location is!

Another part of me just wanted to go back to the current owner and negotiate.