Red Green Repeat Adventures of a Spec Driven Junkie

Paradigm Shifts Everywhere

I taught my sons by giving them the experience of motion reducing the friction of their legs and doing a pulling motion with their arms, so they could start moving on their own.

As soon as they experienced motion by their own power, they worked day and night to get their arm strength higher than the friction of their legs.

When they got that, they started to incorporate their legs into a crawling motion.

This is interesting to me on two levels:

  1. The way they learned to crawl starts from their arms, not their legs.
  2. Once they learn one thing, they keep moving forward. Essentially, a paradigm shift.

After crawling, they eventually get to walking. Once they are walking, they never crawl again unless they have to.

Paradigm shifts happen all the time, even as we are older.

Going from having computers in a room, on a desktop, to a laptop, to your hand. Today, you can still get all of those but once you have used one better suited to your needs, would you ever give it up?

Seeing the paradigm shifts happen in my kids through physical motion reminds me of the shifts I do as well. I remember when I used to have a map, then print out directions to get somewhere, have offline maps, now I don’t even bother of thinking of a map until I need it.

Paradigm shifts are everywhere - you just have to see it.