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No Shortucts on Apple Watch??

While working with Shortcuts on Apple Watch, I ran into a particular situation: After doing an watchOS update or even rebooting I had No Shortcuts on my Apple Watch.

One moment, I had Shortcuts, another moment, no Shortcuts.

I rebooted and the situation was the same. It was surreal. I did not do anything in particular. Just rebooting my Apple Watch because of a software update or low battery situation.

There is a certain mix of conditions where if certain things are not accessible, the Shortcuts are just missing. Trying to add the Shortcuts through the detail section doesn’t do anything (according to the iPhone, it’s already on the Apple Watch.) :-/

The Fix

From the experiences I had, this is what I found to fix missing Shortcuts on Apple Watch:

  • Ensure the paired iPhone is on before Apple Watch boots.
  • Ensure the paired iPhone is not in Low Power mode.
  • Ensure the paired iPhone has Wi-Fi access (cellular access only is insufficient.)
  • Ensure Apple Watch can access the Internet through Wi-Fi.

After using Shortcuts on my Apple Watch frequently on a daily basis, all of the sudden loosing them is a big deal.