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Three Words to Improve Team Member's Performance

I learned at a management training, as a manager the number one way to improve individual performance is to ask this single question:

What’s your goal?

It’s three powerful words.

I used them recently to find out my team member’s goals. Their answers surprised me because they were different than what I expected from each of them. (And no, they were not just: “more money”).

After finding out their goals, I took the following action:

  • align their goal with team and company objectives
  • enabling the start of the team member’s goal within the team
  • coaching the team member towards accomplishing their goal
  • (if required) advocating to peers and superiors team member’s goals

I am still in the initial phase of this process and it has been a game changer for me as a manager.

Another benefit of asking this question is that my relationship with each team member is different. I am not just their “manager” - I am now their coach to their dreams.

All because of three words.

Isn’t that insane??