Red Green Repeat Adventures of a Spec Driven Junkie

Mindless Scrolling and Blogging

A team member, Dan Dela Rosa, blogged weekly for a year. I found that impressive as he went from blogging zero times a year to 52 times a year. 👏

One thing I learned from Dan about blogging: after completing a post, he had a writing high.

Even though I blogged longer than him before, it was the first time I realized there was this phenomenon. I never could figure out why I couldn’t sleep at the end of the week and would mindlessly scroll online, going through whatever articles or videos that popped up.

When Dan told me about his writing high, the mindless scrolling made sense. I was experiencing the writer’s high because I would post Friday night and didn’t want to sleep right away. 🤦‍♂️

I mis-attributed the mindless scrolling sensation to “stress” from the week.

Now that I am blogging daily, I am taking advantage of this writing high to get articles done early. Doing them first thing in the mornings after I wake up. Even when the article is sub-par, I feel a bit more energy for the rest of the day.

When life gets in the way, I end up posting at night and well, I usually end up mindlessly scrolling online. ☹️

I never thought the mindless scrolling might be from blogging at night. Only until Dan blogged for a year that I realize the connection.

Thanks Dan for sharing this insight. It has helped me understand myself better.