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What's a Good Vacation?

I’m on vacation this week and thinking: what’s a good vacation?

These are the personal ones I have come up with:

  • new experiences: get out of the usual and see/do/feel something new.
  • get out of your comfort zone: just the inverse of getting new experiences, being too comfortable can also make you numb.
  • appreciate your current life: the routine aspects of daily life can make you forget the work you have done to build your life. Getting out of your current life periodically will remind you of that.

The work related aspects of a good vacation:

  • it takes your mind off work: a nice reset to gain clarity.
  • gives your #1 and team a chance to succeed without you: you never know how well they will do work without you until you’re gone.

These are just some of the things I have found to be a good vacation.

Work is life; life is work.