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Thank You n-languages Meetup

I was the n-langages meetup organizer from Sept 2, 2014.

When I stepped up, it was PdL who mentored me to be the meetup organizer I am today. He gave me a simple playbook:

  1. Have a stable of speakers
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Have a theme/topic
  4. Never source from the group
  5. Always have a consistent host

I had a great time organizing the group. The n-languages theme is fun because it’s focused on programming languages and not so focused on a single language.

Programming languages evolve and don’t stay still!

Looking back, some of the highlights:

  • My first meetup with Owein Reese speaking on Scala
  • Early morning coding sessions, Code Gym, Breakfast Coding Club with Evie
  • The LispNYC summer parties where I would source n-languages speakers for next six months
  • Learning about new programming languages such as: Pony (thanks Andrew Turley), Reflex (thanks Ryan Trinkle)
  • Getting sk00l-ed on old programming languages such as: Scheme (thanks John Cowan), Erlang (thanks Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya)
  • Having awesome hosts: Dan Wislocki, John Exley.

Big thank you to Evie who has been a great co-organizer. You kept things going when we didn’t have a host and supported me operationally when we did new things, like record talks and holiday parties.

Richard - thanks for starting this group. I remember attending the first meetups at

Pierre - thank you for the playbook.

n-languages members - thank you for following me during my time leading n-languages. I enjoyed every moment of it.