Red Green Repeat Adventures of a Spec Driven Junkie

Sharing Ideas

I realize now, my father was smart. Like really smart. I did not realize it growing up because he did not have the material success associated with being smart. (That’s a whole other story.)

It wasn’t until I read Andy Grove’s High Output Management and almost felt my father’s voice in those pages too. (Part of me wishes my dad was Andy Grove! :-) )

Idea Outlet

One thing about my dad is that he might have been the only smart guy around him. That may have caused a problem, because whenever he talked to me about something, it went over my head.

In a way, having an outlet to share ideas other than the people around you is important, especially to your own growth.

If you have an idea that’s in your head and you feel it’s important, well, you will hold onto that idea as hard as it can.

So hard that other ideas can’t come in or create new ideas.

Idea Loop

That’s the other part of my dad I saw too, he was in an idea loop - holding onto his current ideas so tightly that he would only talk about them every time I saw him.

With a recent change for me to post every day, I feel this will force me to get ideas out faster. Not wait until I have them “perfect” to write about them.

Idea Posts?

I started this post as a way to say I use my blog to “test ideas”. When I looked up the posts that were “idea” posts and not just “this is how/why I implemented this idea”, there were none. :-(

I suspect the main reason for that is the weekly cadence and 1000 word requirement probably forced me to write things more fully formed than raw consciousness that an idea would be.

My goal for daily posts is to get ideas out faster.

Getting to Better Ideas

There are ideas are everywhere - it’s how you execute on those that matter. At the same time, by getting your ideas out, you can get better ideas.