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Farewell MacBook

This is a short article on one of my favorite computers I’ve bought.

I will share some memories I’ve had with my favorite computer, what I was fond of and how I worked around issues.

You will learn about my favorite computer and why I love it so much.

This article will take you about two minutes to read.

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Last weekend, I got a new computer. I knew it was inevitable, that’s progress. Things keep improving and I knew the new thing is just… Insanely Great™️.

One thing that kept me from moving on sooner was my last computer, the one I am writing this article on is also, Insanely Great™️! In fact, it’s still is!

The computer I am talking about is the MacBook, 12” from 2017.

MacBook 12 - Space Grey

Loving Your Things

There are aspects of this computer that I love and other aspects I compensated for. Looking at it that way, I am in love with this computer.

Things I love:

  • the weight: the first thing that got my attention when I was commuting more. Commuting with the MacBook is a joy.
  • the memory: 16GB of RAM goes a long way, even today! Storage I can make up for, RAM, ugh. No way, I tried, with an 8GB version.
  • fan-less: I can hear myself think!
  • single cable monitor: power AND signal in a single cable? So convenient!


  • the keyboard: I have never feared dust around a computer so much. A silicon cover solved that and gave it a better typing feeling. Fantastic on the road while I’m not at my favorite keyboard!
  • keyboard cover: while it protects the computer from dust, it also slides off. Not the best typing feeling ever.
  • the processor: when I first got it, my computing requirements would be acceptable on a top end version of the MacBook, which I have. Now, my (and everyone’s!) computing requirements are much higher.
  • video signal mix up with plugging and unplugging while closed and waking up.. I always had to open up the main monitor before unplugging or I’d have to… reboot.
  • the single cable only worked at USB 3.0 speeds, not USB 3.1 or whatever faster speeds.

If this isn’t loving a computer, I don’t know what is!


Even as I am writing this out, I am reminiscing on all the memories I have with this computer. Parting with it will be hard.

Part of me knows there won’t be another computer like this again. Just like the Mac G4 Cube.

Farewell MacBook - you have served me well and will have a place in my heart.