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Farewell: Nelson

I find farewells tough, even when the person leaving is moving on to something they need. It’s sad not that they leave me or that I won’t see them anymore on a regular or work-related basis.

It means they are starting something new without me.

I’m both happy for them (as they are growing) and sad, because I won’t be part of their growth anymore. Hence, bittersweet.

I write these kinds of articles to share memories I have with people departing and to remember them.

Nelson, if you’re reading this, you will understand how much of an impact you made on my weekend on Chicago. Everyone else, you’ll learn how Nelson improved my adventures in art and food in Chicago.

This article will take you about two minutes to read.

Edward Hopper - Nighthawks source and more information


Nelson, I will always remember the time I had an extended stay in Chicago and we spent over an hour in your office talking late Thursday afternoon. I believe that was the first time we really met and yet there we were, talking like we have known each other forever.

Until that moment, I only knew you from the other coworkers that visited Chicago and they all said you were the nicest person.

At that moment in your office, I understood exactly why they say that about you.

Nelson, you made such a big impact on my weekend in Chicago by: telling me about Art Institute Chicago and Au Cheval.

Art Institute Chicago

Wow, I ended up spending the whole day at the Art Institute by myself exploring every part of the museum.

The stain glass by Marc Chagall - that was such a treat as he’s my wife’s favorite artist. After a full day at the museum, I went to see the Four Seasons by Marc Chagall. A slight side track before getting dinner.

I never did see Nighthawks by Edward Hopper that day as it was out at another museum. :-/

Au Cheval

This was one place you recommended and said the line there would easily be two hours for a seat at the bar.

You were serious!

Wow, I barely got a seat in the “unreserved” section, which there are only four of. That still took thirty minutes!

By the time I got to the table, I was ravenous after a full day of art. Au Cheval did not disappoint.

I swear I was in food coma the whole time back to my hotel. I barely remember paying or getting back.

Farewell and See You Soon!

Everytime I think of Chicago, I remember those experiences and it is only because of you I had those experiences. I totally went into that weekend with no ideas or plans. Because of you, I ended up seeing great art and devouring fantastic food.

Nelson, I know you’re off to great things and I am looking forward to the next time we meet.