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Thank You: Publicis Groupe

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This year, I am grateful to my company, Publicis Groupe. I joined them about a year ago and they have been supportive of everything I do.

They have helped me contribute back to the NYC tech community and provided training to improve myself, not only professionally, but personally as well.

NYC Tech Community

My company allows me to give back to the NYC tech community by using our facilities to hosting events. Two ways I have done that this year is using host meetups and speaker workshops.


I was the N-Languages meetup organizer and when we lost our regular host, it was tough to have a meet up!

Now I am working with the meetup organizers to host talks. This year, two that stood out to me were:

In both instances, I was out of comfort zone and learned there were amazing things happening outside of programming languages I work with.

I am glad my company supports meetups like this. Supporting smaller meetups like this is important as there are still computer languages are still out there and smart people to talk about them!

Clean Architecture NYC

For me, hosting a workshop for Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin’s Clean Architecture was an honor. I wrote more about that experience in a previous article.

Following up with attendees, hosting Clean Architecture NYC was such a service to the NYC tech community. There’s a drought of meet ups that target higher skilled developers that want to level up.

I am grateful the company allows opportunities like these to give back to the community.

Professional & Personal Training

The company offers training, in class and online. Two training classes I attended that stick out to me this year are:

Both trainings are from books of the same name.


This was my first training through the company and I found out after the class, the lessons, based on the book, Multipliers. The class gave me explanations into my previous professional experiences, notably: why I excelled with one manager, but frustrated with another. I got the audio book afterwards to compliment the classroom learning and it helped reinforce the calss.

I found this topic was useful for my professional life. It added insight into understanding the patterns of leader I thrived with and see the bad habits of leaders I suffered under.

I definitely would not have picked up the book if I did not attend the class. Great choice by the training department.

Speed of Trust

This training was one I anticipated and I got the audio book ahead of time to learn the material. Doing this helped understanding the material as the classroom was the second time I would see the material. Also, when I interacted with the instructor, I asked in-depth questions to gain more insight into the material.

The amazing thing about Speed of Trust is this book is more useful to my personal life than my professional life. I am using this to improve myself personally, which improves my professional life.

While I do know of the author’s father’s work, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I would not have picked this book up without the course.

Both of these trainings this year have been such game changers in the way I think about being a leader and also the way I conduct myself. I am grateful the company offers these trainings and the time for us to take them.


I am grateful to my company to for providing wonderful training opportunities such as Multiplers and Speed of Trust, and opportunities to give back to the NYC tech community by hosting the N-Languages meet ups and seminars like Clean Architecture NYC.

This is the first time I have felt this grateful to a company in a short amount of time working there.

If you’re reading this and from Publicis Groupe, Thank You. Opportunities such as these mean a lot, not only to me, but to the community we interact with.

If you have read this far and you’re looking to learn more about the company or my team, please contact me.